Common Signs it is Time for a New Roof

Common Signs it is Time for a New RoofYou may not think that you need a new roof if there isn't a leak, but would you wait to get a tornado cellar until after a tornado if your home was prone to such weather? Probably not. Replacing your roof before it has completely bitten the dust will prevent other damage from occurring, including interior water damage that is caused by roof leaks. Let's look at a few of the most common signs it is time for a new roof. If you experience any of these do not hesitate to contact your local roofer.

End of Life Expectancy

Every type of roofing has a life expectancy. Many types of shingle homes last 15 to 30 years or more. It is important to know when that life expectancy is coming to an end so that you can prepare for a new roof installation. Allowing old roofing to remain in tact is a surefire way to allow leaks and another of other problems. Talk to your local roofer about the re-roofing options for your home.

Missing & Broken Shingles

If you can easily spot missing shingles, broken shingles or buckling or curling shingles on your roof, it's time to call in the pros.This will most commonly occur toward the end of the roof's lifetime, but general exposure to extreme weather, including constant direct sunlight, can have this effect on shingles.

Decayed Roof Valleys

The roof valleys are one of the most important parts of the roof, as this is where rain and snow drain through. Any damage to these areas could result in puddling, which is likely to cause a roof leak. Check valleys regularly for any signs of broken shingles or excessive debris that can cause water to pool.

Sagging Roofing

If you can see that part of your roof is dipped in, or sagging, it is imperative to call a roofer right away. This is likely a sign of existing water damage in the roof deck, which will need to be addressed immediately. A sagging roof could be a dangerous issue, because depending on the extent of the damage, it could collapse.

Be sure to contact your local roofer if you believe your roof has reached the end of its lifetime. For professional roof replacement in Fort Wayne, IN or the surrounding areas reach out to Old Fort Roofing. We will give you our honest opinion about the condition of your roof and let you know if it is repairable, or if a full replacement is necessary. Give us a call at at (260) 408-6759 to request an estimate for roofing in Fort Wayne.

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