How to Prepare your Roof for Winter

How to Prepare your Roof for WinterAs much as we may not want to face it, winter is coming. Over the next few months the air will cool, precipitation will increase and the roofs over our heads will be tasked with keeping us dry during the greyest time of the year. While your roof plays an important role in your home's overall health all year round, winter can be especially harsh. Constant freezing and thawing, increased rain and of course bearing the weight of snow, are all challenges that your roof will face. By completing winter roof preparation you can help ensure your home makes it through the winter unscathed.

Check roofing, flashing and areas around roof penetrations

Conduct a visual inspection of your roof to see if you can spot any potentially troubled areas. These would include loose, damaged or missing shingles or tiles, loose venting, damaged or poorly sealed flashing and so on. These are the areas where water will be most likely to enter into the home.

Address any possible leaks

If there are any areas where leaks may be present or become present, or if you know of a current leak, it is imperative that you have it fixed before winter sinks in. While it may be possible to complete simple roof repairs on your own, it is always advised that you contact a professional roofer so you don't put yourself in harm's way.

Gutter maintenance

Ensure that your gutters and downspouts are clean and clear before winter sets in. If they are clogged and have to deal with the extra precipitation it could cause them to overflow, allowing for water to leak into the roof deck, as well as drip over the sides and down the siding, which could cause damage to the foundation.

Consider adding additional insulation

To help prevent the roof from icing you could consider installing additional attic insulation. It would be best to talk with a roofing professional about this need, as it can vary from home to home.

Schedule a professional roof inspection

The best thing you can do for your roof is to have it looked over by an expert. Once an inspection is completed they'll be able to complete any necessary repairs and maintenance to ensure your roof is good to go this winter.

If you need assistance with winter roof preparation in Fort Wayne or the surrounding area contact the team at Old Fort Roofing. We offer roof repair and maintenance all year round, but it is best to prepare beforehand, so you don't suffer the consequences of a poorly conditioned roof later. Any time you need roof maintenance in Fort Wayne give Old Fort Roofing a call! Give us a call at (260) 408-6759. We look forward to helping you with your roofing needs.

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