5 Signs that You Need Residential Roof Repair

5 Signs that You Need Residential Roof RepairWhile you might not often stop to think about it, your roofing plays an absolutely critical role in keeping your family and possessions protected. By being proactive about getting minor roof repairs taken care of, you'll decrease the likelihood that a problem will intensify to the point that you need major work done. There are some easy ways to keep an eye out for roof damage. Here's a look at five signs that you need residential roof repair.

Damaged Shingles

If you're noticing that just a handful of your shingles are cracked or otherwise damaged, you'll likely be able to replace them individually. However, if the problem exists extensively, it could be time for roof replacement.

Clogged Up Gutters

The next time you're cleaning out your gutters, pay close attention to what you're pulling out of there. As roofing materials break down, they can be swept into your gutters during a rainstorm, which is a sign that you could need some repairs. This is particularly true with asphalt roofing materials.


Regardless of pitch, your roof should maintain the straightness of its lines. If it at all seems to be sagging, you'll want to get in touch with a reputable roofer who can assess the situation and take any necessary actions.

Light in the Attic

If when you go up into your attic you are able to see sunlight shining through, then this is a pretty safe bet that some repairs are needed.


Algae growth on your rooftop is a sign of excessive moisture, and is an indication that it's time for some work to be done.

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