3 Residential Roof Maintenance Tips

3 Residential Roof Maintenance TipsThe roof on our homes does more than just protect us from the elements, it helps hold up the walls of the house, providing the necessary integrity to grant us a place to raise a family and place our heads on pillows at night. It is important to properly maintain your roof and complete roof repairs as the become necessary. Your roof requires diligent care, and in order to spot any potential or existing problems you should have a professional roofing company check your roof at certain times. Here are three times to get expert eyes on your roof, thus ensuring a sound hat for your house.

Extreme Weather Events

Following a bout with extreme weather you will want to contact a roofer to come and take a close look at the roofing of your home to ensure there is no minor or critical damage. Mother Nature can cause a lot of roofing problems. High winds can result in objects striking and damaging shingles or simply rip them right off the roof if high enough. Hail and heavy rain can cause leaks as well. A post storm inspection is a smart way to ensure your roofing does not develop any leaks.

Prior to Poor Weather Seasons

Heading into fall and winter is the perfect time to have a professional roofing company conduct a thorough roof inspection. The upcoming weather seasons often include heavy rains and the possibility of snow. Each of these issues carry their own individual problems, but preparation is better than experiencing a sudden drip, drip, drip coming from the ceiling.

Suspect a Leak

If you notice any mold, dark spots or wet spots on your ceiling you will want to contact a professional roofer to take a closer look. You may even catch a physical drip from up above. A roof leak is likely occurring if you notice any of this, however, plumbing in the ceiling may also be at fault. Call in a roofer to conduct a complete investigation.

Your roof has an important job, protecting your family and keeping the walls up, but it can only do it if you provide it with the maintenance and service it needs. To request a roofing inspection in Fort Wayne, IN or the surrounding communities be sure to contact Old Fort Roofings. We offer professional commercial and residential roofing maintenance and repair. To learn more or request an estimate for roofing maintenance in Fort Wayne give us a call at (260) 408-6759 today.

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